Supervisor Customer Relations


Supervisor Customer Relations

Closing date: 27-Aug-2019


To control and evaluate execution of functional duties by department staff.
To consult the specialists of the department in making correct legitimate decisions.
To support communication with the customers via hard copy, e-mail, telephone and other means of communication. At the same time focus on complex and non-standard cases. 
To investigate (controversial, non-standard questions) the facts of delays / cancellations of flights, cargo / mail; service provided by ground, onboard, information divisions, as well as all involved departments and divisions. Collection of evidence material.
To prepare letters, complaints, final releases, orders for payment. Check and approve all outgoing correspondence from customer relations department specialist.

Previous work experience required 1-2 years.
Excellent knowledge of Russian, Kazakh and English languages.
The ability to quickly and efficiently solve the problem
Ability to work both with external and internal clients.
Skills of oral and written communication in, Russian, English and Kazakh.

Almaty , Kazakhstan