Supervisor Airport Services


Supervisor Airport Services

Closing date: 13-May-2021


Required work experience: 3-6 years
Full time, full day
Main functions:
• Oversee the provision of high quality services by ground handling agents to customers in accordance with the established company standard.
• Provide pre-flight and post-flight briefing and share all flight details with appropriate personnel.
• Organize and control the timely check-in of passengers and baggage.
• Organize and control the provision of meals and hotel accommodation for passengers delayed by the airline.
• Prepare and submit a Service Report to the Ground Handler in a timely manner.
• Coordinate the departure of passengers of delayed / delayed flights on the next flight to their destination.
• Control the timeliness and correctness of information support for passengers in the airport terminal.
• Work with deported passengers.
• Control the boarding of passengers on board the aircraft.
• Control the sending and receiving of the package of documentation for the airline's flights.
• Carry out / control the sending and receiving of official correspondence.
• Report in a timely manner to the ground handling manager about violations by the airport services of the terms of the ground handling agreement.
• Coordinate and control the quality and scope of the service company.
• To represent the interests of the airline at the airport in interaction with the aviation authorities, the border service, customs authorities on issues related to the organization and provision of flights of the airline's aircraft.
• Previous experience in the service sector - at least 3 years.
• Fluency in Russian.
• The level of English proficiency is not lower than the Intermediate level.
• Responsibility and self-organization.
• Customer orientation.
• Interpersonal interaction.
• Organization skills.
• Negotiation skills.
• Stress tolerance.

Moscow (SVO) , Russia