Administrator Technical Documents and Applications


Administrator Technical Documents and Applications

Specialist Roles
Closing date: 06-Mar-2022



  • To initiate/renew subscriptions for the technical documentation necessary for the E&M Department.
  • To receive technical documentation for the E&M


  • To register the received technical documentation in electronic registers timely.
  • To place the technical documentation on the server and the current document access platform.
  • To distribute the technical documentation according to the document holders list.
  • To control/monitor of the receipt of all technical documentation sent to copyholders.
  • To control the issue of new revisions of technical documentation on the AC and components manufacturers sites on regular base.
  • To update/revise the technical documentation held on the copy holders, server and the current document access platform.
  • To receive/distribute technical documentation to maintain the third-party companies’ aircraft (contracted services).
  • To register/update the technical documentation of the third-party companies’ aircraft (contracted services) in electronic registers on the server.
  • To     download     newly     issued     biweekly airworthiness directive reports from aviation authority sites.
  • To transfer newly issued biweekly airworthiness directive reports to senior engineers for analysis under signature.
  • To control the obtaining /updating /distribution of the components maintenance manuals which are necessary for workshop.
  • To distribute through the airline the technical information news (TIN) issued by TSD.
  • To administrate access to the aircraft manufactures websites.
  • To administrate the technical documentation on the Document Access Platform for the E&M Department.
  • To control the availability of the required amount of stationery /office equipment for TSD, if necessary submit a request.
  • To keep the time sheet for TSD.
  • To solve day-to-day issues arising during operation.
  • To control technical documentation devices’ functionality. To take measures to insure that E&M staff has access to technical documentation (in cooperation with IT Department). To submit a request to IT Helpdesk in due course to eliminate any problem with technical documentation access.


  • Higher education without requiring a specialization.
  • Working experience 1-2 years.
  • Experience with aviation documentation is preferable (AMM, IPC, CMM, SRM).
  • Knowledge of English is sufficient to work with technical documentation and e-mail correspondence with foreign representatives.


Almaty , Kazakhstan

Full day

Closing date: 06-Mar-2022