Officer health, safety and environment. FlyArystan division.


Officer health, safety and environment. FlyArystan division.

Closing date: 30-Jul-2019


Ensuring compliance with the requirements of environmental legislation, as well as legislation in the field of occupational safety and health of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the airline's divisions.

Develop and make proposals for improving the organization in the field of safety and labor protection.

To study working conditions at workplaces, to keep records, analysis and assessments of the state of labor protection.

Ensuring compliance of the Airline's safety and environmental management system with the requirements of integrated management systems. Development of measures for the implementation and maintenance of work on OHSAS 18001: 2007.

To organize the investigation of accidents at work.

Prepare calculations of payments for emissions into the environment.

Organize instrumental measurements on polluting emission sources.

Develop a report on industrial environmental monitoring.

Provide for environmental impact assessment of feasibility studies and projects.

Prepare an application for obtaining a permit for emissions into the environment.

To hand over all necessary reports in the field of environment, safety and labor protection to state bodies in accordance with the legislative requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To organize work on the inventory of greenhouse gases, its verification, determination and confirmation of the report.

To develop measures to prevent occupational diseases and accidents, to improve working conditions and bring them up to the requirements of regulatory legal acts on occupational safety and health, as well as to provide organizational assistance for the implementation of the developed measures.

Coordinate work and cooperate with Airline units in setting goals and objectives, developing and executing programs in the field of environmental protection.

To assist managers of structural divisions of the airline in the development and revision of instructions on safety and labor protection, the system of labor safety standards; on the organization of briefing, training and testing of employees on safety and labor protection.

To participate in inspections, inspections of the technical condition of buildings, structures, machines and mechanisms, the efficiency of ventilation systems, the state of collective and individual protection means for employees, and the determination of their compliance with the requirements of regulatory and legal acts on safety and labor protection. In identifying violations that pose a threat to the life and health of employees or the environment, take steps to stop the use of machinery, equipment and work in shops, sites and workplaces.

Take part in testing for unresolved substances, as well as keeping records on them.

Organize training and examination of employees on health and safety issues.


Higher education

Knowledge of English for business correspondence intermediate level

Knowledge required to match the position:
Legislative and other regulatory and legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regulating the activities of the Airline.

Environmental legislation and legislation in the field of labor protection and safety engineering of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The order of systematization, accounting and maintenance of legal documentation using modern information technologies.