Senior officer risk management


Senior officer risk management

Closing date: 23-Aug-2019


Control over the activity of corporate risk management system in the Company and preparation of consolidated reports on the risks for the Risk Committee, Audit Committee, and the Board of Directors of the Company.
Control over the development, implementation, and update of the risk management methodological base, policies, rules, and risk monitoring procedures.
Assistance in provision to the Company’s employees with methodological and consulting assistance as regards to risk management.
Control over the process of identification, assessment and monitoring of the Company’s risks in accordance with approved risk management policy, practices and procedures.
Control over timely provision of risk registers, related documents on the risks for the Company’s management, and other types of reporting on risk management within the established deadlines.
Analysis of realized risks and maintaining of a database of realized risks.
Provision of reports on realized risks according to the approved document, as well as provision of consolidated report on them to the Risk Committee.
Preparation of the presentation material for Risk Committee, Audit Committee and the Board of Directors.
Development of the methodological base for implementation of documented Internal Control System.
Provision of support in constant improvement of business-processes.
Monitoring over the proper implementation of the internal controls in the business units of the Company.
Coordination of the regular risk assessment and update of matrix of controls.
Provision of support to business-process owners and employees responsible for control measures in terms of risk and control procedures.
Control over the activity on fuel hedging.
Analysis and monitoring over the commodity market and provision of reports of medium level of complexity (including an analysis of the commodity market, projections and quotations on derivative instruments used for hedging purposes) to Fuel Hedging Committee.
Control over the conclusion of framework agreements with international banks for hedging transactions.
Purchase of derivatives, obtain quotations and preparation of transaction documentation.
Evaluation of the fair value of derivative instruments used for fuel hedging of the Company for provision to the external auditors and the fuel hedging effectiveness.
Coordination and control over business continuity management system (BCM).

Education - Bachelor degree in Finance
Relevant work experience 3+ years
Strong Mathematical and analytical skills.
Time management.
Effective communication skills with colleagues, internal and external clients.
Advanced user of Excel, Word, MS Office.
Ability to work in group and independently.
Ability to learn fast and to apply new knowledge and skills into practice

Almaty , Kazakhstan