Officer human resources documentation


Officer human resources documentation

Closing date: 19-Apr-2021



§  To submit information of the personal data of employees to the system, make all the changes related to the employee's activity

§  To issue all kinds of orders on staff, business trips, vacations, promotions, production.

§  To draw up employment agreements, additional agreements and other type of agreements.

§  To maintain timely accounting and control of the working time of employees.

§  To monitor labor discipline and compliance with Internal regulations of labor order of Airline by employees.

§  To be competent in matters of the Labor Code.



§  Bachelor degree.

§  Previous work experience in HR documentation required up to 3 years.

§  Knowledge of PC, office applications (MS WORD, EXCEL, OUTLOOK).

§  Analytical skills.

§  Attentiveness.

§  Team worker


Almaty , Kazakhstan