Mechanic aircraft Maintenance


Mechanic aircraft Maintenance

Closing date: 30-Sep-2020



§  To Perform planned and ad hoc maintenance works in the framework of tasks

§  Perform works of refinement and modifications of aircrafts in the framework of tasks, solved by the Group, brigade, shift and/or individually.

§  Solve typical maintenance tasks, allowed to a Mechanic after receiving related instruction or training.

§  Perform simple checks, envisaged by Aircraft Maintenance Program (AMP) and remove simple refusals and malfunctions in the framework of limits of the Airline’s permitting certificate, given to a Mechanic individually.



§  Higher or secondary special aviation technical education.

§  Proficiency in English at a level sufficient for intercourse, correspondence, understanding of the aviation technical documentation within the problems solved by Workshop Department.

§  Compliance with rules, procedures, standards.

§  Fast-learning ability.

Teamwork skills.

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