Analyst online sales


Analyst online sales

Closing date: 07-Aug-2022


Analyst is responsible for online sales of the brand, oversees the look and feel and technical condition of the company website and app, responsible for generating sales via online channels, oversees digital marketers, web and software developers who contribute to website traffic, design and structure.



  • To run and oversee all online sales activities (own e-assets, outsource aggregators and other digital partners) in relation to traffic acquisition, sales, conversion and a/b testing and reporting
  • To execute ecommerce strategy to improve website and app performance
  • To monitor and improve website and app speed together with developers
  • To initiate and analyze marketing promotions to increase traffic and reach KPIs
  • Research market to discover new trends and technologies to improve website and app performance
  • Analyze various data to deliver data driven strategies to deliver top performance and achieve KPIs
  • Analyze and increase traffic from digital marketing channels across PPC, SEO, Display, email marketing and social media
  • Analyze UX/UI performance and its effect on online sales
  • Report on performance


Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in a similar role and /or bachelors’ degree in Digital Marketing or related field.
  • Knowledge of implementing digital marketing concepts such as PPC, SEO, social media, display and affiliate channels.
  • Confidence developing and overseeing eCommerce-focused digital marketing strategies.
  • Understanding of UX, web design, customer flow and web analysis.
  • Confidence in traffic analysis, reporting tools and optimization.
  • Knowledge of website and app speed optimization, A/B testing, conversion management, sales journey optimization, traffic analysis and reporting tools.

Almaty , Kazakhstan

Closing date: 07-Aug-2022