Supervisor Aircraft Deliveries


Supervisor Aircraft Deliveries

Closing date: 28-Jan-2020


Organize, manage and oversee the work of the Group on a daily basis.
Provide engineering knowledge and experience on the issues of the Division to other departments of the Airline that are not related to the technical aspects of operating the aircraft.
Take part in negotiations on the purchase of a new AT and leased.
To participate in negotiations on issues of current leasing agreements and in case of their extension.
Consider and provide comments on technical aspects in newly concluded contracts for the acquisition of a new AT, the receipt of an AT on a lease basis or when extending an AT lease agreement.
Plan and coordinate the delivery of ATs to the Airline for the purpose of further operation, including the acceptance and commissioning of aircraft.
Plan and coordinate the return of the AT to the owner of the AT.
Interact with AT owners on issues related to Acceptance and Return of aircraft.
Achieve the goals of the Department through effective communication, familiarizing the Engineer / s as expected from his work, clear planning and monitoring, as well as evaluating the results.
Communicate effectively both with internal departments and with external organizations involved in the acceptance / return of aircraft.

Higher technical education
Knowledge of the governing documents and procedures of the Airline to ensure aviation security in the scope of their duties;
A computerized aircraft maintenance management system (TRAX) in an amount sufficient to fulfill their duties (at the end of the trial period);
Proficiency in English in a volume sufficient for effective communication, negotiation, correspondence, understanding of aviation technical documentation within the scope of tasks solved by the Department;
Knowledge of computer applications MS Office and Adobe Acrobat at the level of an experienced user;
Features of the AT leasing process from the stage of preparation of the contract to the return of the AT to the owner;
Features of the process of acquiring aircraft from the stage of preparation of the contract to the return of the AT to the owner.

Almaty , Kazakhstan