Team leader AC cleaning, equipment and washing


Team leader AC cleaning, equipment and washing

Closing date: 21-Feb-2022



  • Make a daily work plan for the shift, take timely measures to prevent delays in servicing the aircraft by personnel Shift and exclude violations of the technological process
  • Control the compliance with the internal standards of the Airline of the work carried out on cleaning, equipping and washing aircraft.
  • Carry out quality control of the services provided by the supplier
  • Participate in the inventory of the Warehouse
  • Control the compliance of the performed cleaning of the aircraft with the internal standards of the Airline and check the aircraft after cleaning.
  • Control the safety and serviceability of fixtures and equipment used in shifts by the Shift specialists when they are issued from the Warehouse and returned to the Warehouse.
  • Organize acceptance, storage of goods and materials at the Warehouse according to a system that provides quick access to the components of the Warehouse, as well as their reliable preservation and accounting.
  • Draw up defective statements for faulty tools, devices and equipment, certificates for their repair and write-off, as well as certificates for the shortage and damage of materials.
  • Participate in the development and implementation of measures aimed at the rational use of goods and materials.
  • Carry out joint work with the accountant and specialists of the Airline procurement department on accounting of goods and materials, submit applications for the necessary materials and equipment.
  • Control the provision of the Warehouse specialists with materials, equipment and overalls, and, if necessary, control their order and delivery.
  • Maintain a list of materials, equipment and fixtures used at the Warehouse, control its movement, movement, including repair by third parties and return to the Warehouse.


  • Team management
  • Good organizational and working time planning skills
  • Focus on results
  • Detailed approach to work
  • Knowledge of computer applications MS Office and Adobe Acrobat at the user level

Astana , Kazakhstan


Closing date: 21-Feb-2022