Controller production


Controller production

Closing date: 10-Sep-2022



  • To provide scheduled base maintenance of Airline aircraft and third parties aircraft, performed by maintenance staff.
  • To take from the Division printed and prepared set of Working Documentation (WO, TC, EO) to perform Scheduled Maintenance.
  • To place Work Documentation Set on the Work Stand in Aircraft Maintenance Area.
  • To issue a Picklist if appropriate, in the Computerized Aircraft Maintenance Management System (TRAX) to get the required amount of consumables.
  • To receive the materials from the Stock and place them at Aircraft Maintenance Area.
  • To keep a record of working time, actually spent to perform the Task, in the Computerized Aircraft Maintenance Management System (TRAX).
  • To interact with the divisions of E&M Department and related Airline services to achieve production goals.


  • Aviation education (preferred).
  • English language skills sufficient to communicate, understand aviation technical documentation.
  • Good working time planning skills.
  • Knowledge of computer applications MS Office and Adobe Acrobat at the user level.
  • Knowledge of a computerized aircraft maintenance management system (TRAX) and AIMS to the extent sufficient to perform their duties.

Astana , Kazakhstan


Closing date: 10-Sep-2022