Personal Assistant


Personal Assistant

Specialist Roles
Closing date: 10-Jun-2022



  • To organize and keep department’s document flow (register documents, systematize all incoming and outgoing correspondence), to message necessary documents to immediate chief or specific executors according to the accepted rules. 
  • To prepare necessary documents and materials for immediate chief.
  • To keep records of meetings and negotiations of immediate chief.
  • To arrange phone-calls and other meetings of immediate chief; to register all the information in the absence of immediate chief and to report to immediate chief. 
  • To prepare everything for the meetings held by immediate chief (collecting of necessary materials, informing members about the time, venue and agenda)
  • To compose letters, requests and other documents, prepare replies to letters by immediate chief’s orders.
  • To follow up over deadline compliance of immediate chief’s orders.
  • To organize reception of visitors, to assist in expediting consideration of requests from employees.
  • To create all internal applications in ERP system according to the requests of immediate chief and department employees. To control for the timely processing of applications. 
  • To create receipts for all internal applications in ERP system. 
  • To pass on time all necessary documents to financial department (PJF, CJF, invoices, acceptance acts and etc.) To control the timely submission of expense reports by department employees.
  • [SC1] 
  • To organise duty trips of immediate chief and, if necessary, department’s employees (booking tickets, hotels, visas, transfers and preparation of all necessary documents for duty trips).
  • To submit a package of documents to internal security unit for updating and obtaining passes to the territory of the airport for the employees of the department.
  • To carry out oral and written translations by immediate chief’s order.
  • To organize and control the process of reviewing and signing standard contracts by immediate chief’s order. 
  • To prepare and pass timely necessary documents to other departments.
  • To follow the established procedures of file register and terms in case of submitting documents to the corporate archive.
  • To maintain monthly timesheets of all employees of the department and pass timely to human resource and administration department with deadline compliance.
  • To consolidate all the necessary information for the department’s budget.
  • To arrange provision of stationary, consumables and other goods and materials necessary for the work of immediate chief and department employees. 
  • To perform other duties in the profile and specifics of the department's activities.
  • To support in Academy projects as required
  • Not needed due to new structure but replace with.  To liaise with Transport Division on chief requirements for travel to and from workplace and meetings.


  • Bachelor degree
  • Fluent Russian and English, Kazakh 
  • Good PC user (MS Excel, MS Word, MS Power Point, Outlook)
  • Multitasking, diligence, attentiveness, accuracy, responsibility, ability to work in stressful situations and to work in the team
  • Able to take initiative
  • Ability to learn quickly

Almaty , Kazakhstan

Full day

Closing date: 10-Jun-2022