Supervisor Finance


Supervisor Finance

Closing date: 27-Jun-2019



1. Check and, if necessary, collect reports, references, letters and other documents of medium complexity concerning the activities of the FlyArystan department on financial matters.

2. Prepare and conduct management reporting analysis.

3. Analyze the performance indicators affecting the financial performance of the airline to predict the future financial performance of the company.

4. Consolidate the budget of income and expenses for the airline, to monitor its execution.

5. Responsible for the timeliness and correctness of the preparation of a comparative analysis of the company.

6. Develop and coordinate the forecast model of financial and economic activities of the company until the end of the year on a monthly basis.

7. Develop and coordinate the budget model of the company's financial and economic activities until the end of the year on a monthly basis.

8. Coordinate timely responses to requests from other airline divisions on budget planning and financing arrangements.

9. Present for management the basic indicators of management reporting at a meeting of the company's management on a monthly basis.

10. Monthly check the correctness of the reflection of the articles of actual incomes, expenses and balance accounts by the accounting department. Identify the causes of major deviations, correct errors.

11. Contribute ideas to optimize processes at the responsible site.

12. Contribute ideas to develop recommendations for improving airline budget planning.

13. Solve issues related to requests during an independent audit.

14. Check and monitor responses to official requests from organizations that regulate the activities of the airline.

15. Verify and coordinate the work of financial analysts at the responsible site.


1. Education - higher financial

2. Previous experience in the specialty - 4 years or more.

3. Functional knowledge - IFRS, management accounting, budgeting.

4. Advanced proficiency in MS Excel is a must, experience with ERP systems is preferable.

5. Languages: Russian - fluent, English - advanced, Kazakh - preferably.

6. Personal competencies - analytical skills, effective communication

Almaty , Kazakhstan