Officer Data Entry of Maintenance Control Center


Officer Data Entry of Maintenance Control Center

Closing date: 21-Nov-2019


Update the TRAX system database by the data of logbooks (TLP) and Work Orders documents of A/C.
Carry out the input and verification of the operating time data of APU installed on A/C and put it in to Excel and TRAX.
Prepare the Logbook sheets for archiving.
Perform the verification of Flight Hours (FH) and Flight Cycles (FC) of A/C between the TRAX system database and AIMS system database.

Knowledge of requirements of guidelines and procedures of the Airline in providing aviation security in the amount of their official job duties
Knowledge of computerized system of Aircraft maintenance management (TRAX, AIMS, COMPASS in the amount sufficient to perform their duties (to the end of probation period)
Proficiency in English at a level sufficient for intercourse, correspondence, understanding of the aviation technical documentation within the problems solved by MCC.
Knowledge of computer applications MS Office and Adobe Acrobat at the level of an experienced user.

Almaty , Kazakhstan