Ramp Agent


Ramp Agent

Closing date: 19-Apr-2021


•Servicing the aircraft (aircraft), within the station, before and after the voyage, to control the loading and unloading of the cargo compartments of the aircraft, ensuring safe performance of maintenance work on the apron and parking, from the time of preparation for the flight to the start of self-taxiing of the aircraft.

•Control parking safety when servicing aircraft.
•Coordinate and control the timeliness of aircraft preparation for the flight: refueling, soft inventory, on-board equipment, inspection by the airport border guard officer.

•Give the necessary instructions to the transceiver for loading / unloading aircraft and monitor their performance in the process of servicing the aircraft.
•Track the timeliness of the aircraft's departure from the airport according to the schedule and do everything possible to avoid delays in departures of the aircraft and violation of the regularity of the aircraft departure.

•Control the interaction between the airline's services and airport ground handling services and the technological interaction between airport services in order to ensure the safe servicing of the aircraft of the airline and the timely execution of the flight at the station.

•Excellent communication skills

•Fluency in English (oral, written)

•Experience in the ground service, excellent technical knowledge

•Knowledge of PCs, office applications (MS WORD, EXCEL, OUTLOOK)

•Motivated, creative and problem-solving skills

•Skill to work in team

Almaty , Kazakhstan