Officer Risk management


Officer Risk management

Closing date: 09-Apr-2023



  • Maintain a risk register and risk maps and other types of risk management reporting within established deadlines in accordance with the established and approved Risk Management Policy, practices and procedures.
  • Identify and assess risks, as well as monitor the implementation of risk management measures in accordance with approved documents.
  • Timely prepare and upload quarterly shareholder risk reports for subsequent approval by the immediate supervisor.
  • Update the methodological framework, policies, risk management rules, risk monitoring procedures.
  • Provide the Airline employees with methodological and consulting assistance in relation to risk management and internal controls.
  • Develop and agree on tolerances, key risk indicators, risk management activities, action plans for key risk management together with risk owners.
  • Monitoring the status of key risk indicators and maintaining a panel of key risk indicators.
  • Prepare summary reports on risks to the Risk Committee, Audit Committee, Board of Directors, shareholders of the Airline.
  • Prepare presentation materials for the Risk Committee, as well as minutes of meetings.
  • Development of a methodological base for the internal control system.
  • To study business processes and internal regulatory documents of departments.
  • Identify and evaluate business process risks together with owners.
  • Maintain and update departmental risk and control matrices.
  • Evaluate the counterparty in accordance with the criteria for selecting a counterparty bank for the purpose of hedging fuel prices.
  • Enter into framework agreements with international banks for hedging operations.
  • Maintain document flow with potential counterparty banks in order to assess the bank and conclude a framework agreement on hedging operations.
  • Register framework agreements with the NBRK in order to assign an account number to the currency agreement.
  • Purchasing derivative instruments and preparing transaction documentation.
  • Provide monthly revaluation of instruments for reflection in the accounting system.
  • Provide quarterly reports in accordance with the Rules for monitoring foreign exchange transactions in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Administer emissions trading processes (European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EUTS).
  • Update the processes of the risk management system and the system of internal controls, as well as methodologies, in accordance with the recommendations of the Guidelines.
  • Prepare responses to official requests from organizations regulating the activities of the Airline regarding risk management, internal controls and hedging of the Airline.
  • Prepare the necessary documents for interested parties (auditors, risk owners, etc.) when conducting an independent audit of the risk management system and the internal control system.


  • Education - higher financial education
  • Relevant work experience of at least 1 year.
  • Strong mathematical and analytical skills. Planning time and human resources.
  • Knowledge of international standards on the risk management system (COSO, ISO 31000), on the system of internal controls (COSO) and IFRS regarding derivative instruments.
  • Effective communication with subordinates, internal and external clients.

Almaty , Kazakhstan

Full day

Closing date: 09-Apr-2023