Internal Auditor


Internal Auditor

Closing date: 01-Feb-2021



§  To perform tests and audit procedures on evaluation of adequacy and effectiveness of the system of internal controls existing in the Company.

§  To participate in audits of operational processes including audit of works and services that are performed on-board and under aircrafts of the Company and require authorized access to parking zone and aircraft.

§  To prepare all working papers with due diligence, according to schedule, providing with clear statement on strengths/weaknesses revealed upon fulfilments of audit procedures.

§  To enter audit engagement data into Teammate system.

§  To prepare working papers as a result of follow up procedures to ensure execution by the Company’s departments of recommendations issued by the IAS.



§  High professional education in accounting and audit, and/or finance, and/or economics, and/or jurisprudence and/or information technology, and/or technical area.

§  Not less than 3 years of experience in audit, and/or accounting, and/or finance, and/or information technology, and/or technical area related to the Company’s industry, and/or jurisprudence.

§  Knowledge of Code of Ethics and Standards.

§  Knowledge of legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan including those related to auditing, accounting and taxation.

Presence of certificate and/or qualification in audit, and/or accounting, and/or finance management, and/or information technology, and/or risk management is preferable. Knowledge of foreign and state languages is also preferable.

Almaty , Kazakhstan