Administrator IT security


Administrator IT security

Closing date: 07-Feb-2021


• Ensuring information security by limiting the list of programs used, controlling access to external Internet resources from the local network (as well as in the opposite direction), monitoring the security level on a regular basis.
• Control and implementation of actions aimed at compliance with information security by all employees of the Airline.
• Protect all IT infrastructure services, such as proxy server, VPN servers (including remote ones), mail servers, file / system servers, applications published on the web and the Airline's publications on intranet and Internet sites from hackers and intruders.
• Control access to the server room based on the logs collected in the physical access control system to the server room.
• Implement information security requirements in the processes of working with confidential information. Send written and oral recommendations to improve the level of information security to all employees of the Airline
• Experience in information security, server and personal operating systems Microsoft, network equipment and communications systems Cisco, data transfer protocols;
• Good knowledge of infrastructure;
• Knowledge of the operation and administration of software and hardware firewalls, web, proxy servers, database servers.
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