Manager of Maintenance Station


Manager of Maintenance Station

Closing date: 31-Jan-2021



To organize, manage and control the work of Station on a daily basis

To control organization of supporting flightworthiness process ensuring.

To control the management of all staff within Line Maintenance, ensuring that health and safety standards are maintained.

To manage and control that all Line Maintenance is carried out on time and to an approved standard.

To manage the whole line maintenance department’s personnel and its administration.

If necessary, personally act in maintenance and removing refusals and malfunctions of aircrafts.


Bachelor degree in Aviation

Work experience of service in Department of engineering support and maintenance of aircrafts of Airline on senior positions not less than 5 years.  

Proficiency in English at a level sufficient for intercourse, correspondence, understanding of the aviation technical documentation

Staff management experience.

Good organizational and planning skills of working time.

Aktau , Kazakhstan