Engineer office premises technical service


Engineer office premises technical service

Closing date: 26-Aug-2019


Develop mid-term and current plans (schedules) for various types of repairs of existing equipment of buildings and structures of electrical systems, as well as measures to improve their operation and maintenance
Monitor the implementation of work plans (schedules) approved by contractors
Promote the implementation of integrated regulated maintenance systems that ensure timely adjustment and repair of equipment
Participate in checking the technical condition of the equipment, the quality of repair work, as well as in the acceptance of newly arrived equipment
Take participation in activities aimed at maintaining the smooth operation of equipment
Analyze the causes of increased wear and tear of accidents and equipment downtime and participate in the investigation of their causes, as well as the causes of industrial injuries, and take measures to prevent it. Conduct training of staff on the subject of electrical safety approval, through organizations licensed for this type of activity. Issue certificates for electrical safety, keep records of them.
Monitor compliance with the established deadlines for drawing up statements, defective acts, requests for scheduled repairs
Draw up applications and specifications for spare parts of equipment, materials, control the correctness of their expenditure.
Supervise the activities of units involved in repair work and equipment testing. Compliance with the rules of operation of maintenance and supervision
Keep records and certification of energy equipment of buildings and structures and other fixed assets, draw up the necessary technical documentation for operation
Organize and control the comprehensive maintenance and maintenance of energy equipment of buildings and structures, in accordance with the rules and regulations of industrial sanitation, fire safety, State standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Building regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan 
Coordinate with the bodies conducting technical supervision issues related to the operation of power equipment of buildings and structures
Supervise the fulfillment of contractual obligations by design and installation organizations, if necessary, impose sanctions provided for by contract / supply agreements
Draw up technical specifications for routine and urgent work on objects
To participate in the development of design documentation for construction and reconstruction facilities. Coordinate design tasks and prepare them for approval by higher organizations
Draw up an annual budget for expenses within the competence
Monitor the rational use of energy resources, keep a monthly record of their consumption, and keep records of consumption. Facilitate payments to energy suppliers through dialogue, requesting and consolidating payment documents.
Work on the fulfillment of contractual obligations to utility providers, and when opening / closing metering facilities, timely work on the conclusion / termination of contracts.
Prepare and report
Organize uninterrupted operation of the correct operation and repair of electrical networks and related equipment

Education: Higher. Department of electrical networks and systems / power supply enterprises
Work experience: at least 3 years in the position of Design Engineer in the field of electrical networks, experience in using AutoCAD or Chief Power Engineer of the enterprise.

Almaty , Kazakhstan