Officer logistics


Officer logistics

Closing date: 03-Oct-2022



  • To pass promptly transport and shipping documents for material values on its own area to L&C.
  • To enter promptly all necessary data on its own area received from freight forwarders and suppliers in automated logistics operations management system technical supplies application (TSA) to provide data access to all interested parties.
  • To organize of delivery (import/export) of material values designed for aircraft in-flight services.
  • To process freight accompanying documents for cargos that is delivered to Airline by courier companies and mail.
  • To trace and control the carriers on performance the obligations by Airline freights transportation.


  • Bachelor degree.
  • Previous work experience required up to 1 year.
  • Rules of transportation by air, truck, rail, multimodal transportations.
  • Delivery terms by last edition of international rules - Incoterms.
  • English – not less than Intermediate.
  • Strong planning and organization skills.
  • Business writing skills.

Almaty , Kazakhstan

Full day

Closing date: 03-Oct-2022