Officer on fuel management


Officer on fuel management

Closing date: 26-Jun-2019


·         Writing applications for shipment of jet fuel from refineries around the airports of RK.


·         Registration of wagons at railway stations and maintaining stable process of jet fuel reception to warehouse reservoirs of the Airport and sending empty wagons back according to requirements of JSC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy.”


·         To fill in arrival documents for wagon on each station.

·         To form appropriate documents connected to wagon cleaning/supply on Airport GSM stock.

·         To measure temperature, density and level of aviation fuel on railway cisterns during reception of aviation fuel in warehouse of the airport.

·         To execute in time, fill empty (blank) wagons after unloading (loading) of jet fuel in accordance with the requirements of JSC NC "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy".

·         To conduct personal jet fuel metering and control procedure for determining the density and temperature of jet fuel, record in its table and verify with your account data in the preparation of acts of aviation fuel unloading; confirm the correctness of a handwritten signature.


·         To take measures on  aviation fuel amount inventory process on airport territory this is stored in warehouse.




Vocational institutions (Paraprofessionals) aviation, railway, transport

Work experience sufficient to perform on the job.

Previous work experience required 1-2 years

Knowledge necessary to perform on the job:

Rules and regulations of labor protection and safety.

Legislative and regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, guidelines and other educational materials that regulate the process of providing aviation fuel.

The order of registration and documentation.

Basics of customs management


Skills necessary to perform on the job:

Organizational skills, handling of cargo transportation, Time Management.

Excel – ability to make various calculations and comparative tables using formulas and functions, build charts and graphs, reflect and analyze the data.

Almaty , Kazakhstan