Engineer IFE


Engineer IFE

Closing date: 01-May-2019


Maintaining continuous airworthiness of IFE systems for all AC types .

Implementation of the modifications , improvement of the reliability of IFE equipment.

Development of technical documentation for technica l support operation of IFE systems within the tasks undertaken by the TSD. Provide technical support for maintenance control center (MCC) , line and basic maintenance in eliminating complex technical defects, failures and malfunctions of IFE systems.

Improve the reliability of the IFE systems and its сomponents by reviewing and examining the manufacturers service bulletins (SB) with the subsequent introduction of applicable I necessary work (modifications , inspections ,calibration, etc.), when required Create engineering controls (EC) in the TRAX system for implementation of airworthiness directives and service bulletins . Perform analysis of delays and defects to determine the cause and correctness of the rectification actions. If necessary, develop recommendations and/or introduce amendments into the aircraft maintenance program.






Bachelor degree specialization sufficient to perform on the job Aviation systems/Avionics

Previous work experience required +/- 3 years.

Communication skills

Analytical thinking


The Executive


Organizing and planning

Focus on results

Detailed and creative approach to work

Proficiency in English at an ”intermediate”

Knowledge of computer applications

MS Office and Adobe Acrobat at the level of an

experienced user.

Almaty , Kazakhstan